A question I often get asked is about the wind noise generated by the RazerLift. We have some initial feedback on that very question, particularly by two recent incidents.

My photographer and I drove out of town to get some nice shots of the RazerLift in the foothills near Calgary. We spent a little over an hour in the vehicle, and most of that was at highway speeds. For readers familiar with Calgary, think Deerfoot Trail and Stoney Trail. And I was keeping up with traffic!

After I dropped her off from the photo shoot I asked her if she remembered hearing any noise. She did not hear anything out of the ordinary. Whatever noise the RazerLift did generate at highway speeds went unnoticed by her.

The second incident was when I took my family for a day trip to the mountains. Driving on the Trans Canada to Canmore is a reasonably fast-paced trip if you are going to keep up with traffic, as any Calgarian can attest, so it was another good trial for wind noise. I asked my wife if she noticed any noise. She did not notice anything. And trust me, she isn’t the kind of wife who would lie to me to prop up my fragile ego. Many people have commented on the fact that the RazerLift almost looks like a professional product, but she doesn’t hesitate to remind me that it certainly needs some aesthetic improvement.

As we entered the mountains, however, the Chinook winds started blowing and some wind noise did become more apparent. Bear in mind, though, that we also had a cargo box on the roof. I’m not sure how much of the noise came from the RazerLift, how much from the cargo box, and how much might have been drowned out by reasonably good acoustics on the vehicle. “Actual mileage may vary” as the saying goes.

And if the wind noise from the prototype is quite tolerable, the wind noise from the finished product should be even less pronounced. We aren’t done yet, folks.

I cannot claim that the RazerLift does not make any wind noise, but on two separate occasions I can rightly claim that the wind noise – such as it was at highway speeds – was insignificant enough that it went unnoticed by the passengers in the vehicle. Unless, of course, you are driving into Chinook winds.

And if you don’t know what a Chinook is, please don’t ask Leonardo DiCaprio.