As I have spoken with people over the years a good number of folks have recommended that we crowdfund the RazerLift. The three-fold benefits of funds in the bank to continue development, exposure to the world “out there,” and a list of pre-orders are hard to beat.

We are about to take the plunge. The RazerLift will be crowdfunded at IndieGoGo starting Wednesday. Here’s the link.

Copy it, save it, share it.

(If you don’t know about crowdfunding, here’s a brief intro)

Here’s where we could really use your help. And this is one of those cases where a small contribution from you results in a big benefit for getting the RazerLift to market. How can you help? Three ways come to mind:

    1. Contribute to the campaign. Even if you don’t want a RazerLift (and who wouldn’t?!?!) if you chip in a little bit that helps us along and gets you early access to our online store if you change your mind. And if you do want a RazerLift one day, the campaign offers numerous ways to get your foot in the door at different price points.


    1. Email your friends. If you know people who are avid bikers, but they have to climb on their vehicle to load and unload their bikes, they should know about the RazerLift. Same goes for people with kayaks, skis… the list is long. Even tradespeople who hate lifting their ladders overhead can benefit from this; do you know an electrician? (*)


  1. Social media. Social media, like Facebook, helps raise a lot of awareness with minimal effort. We are also on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, but you can use whichever social media platforms work best for you.

(*) – please don’t send out any mass emails to everybody in your address book. Those are just annoying. Just pick a few people you know would benefit from owning a RazerLift and contact them personally.

You can start by sharing this blog post with others. Let people know it’s coming. Get them thinking about it. called the RazerLift “revolutionary” and we are ready to bring the next revolution to the public. Help us eliminate back breaking labour (as the article describes it).