The RazerLift journey has been long and winding, with many unexpected bumps in the road, but I am extremely thrilled to say we are so close to launching the product it hurts. Customers and upfitters have begun ordering Beta prototypes to be tested over the next few months. Once the product has been proven; game on!

Product development picked up again in earnest late last year thanks, in large part, to a grant we received from Alberta Innovates. With design guidance coming straight from our numerous contacts in the commercial van and truck industry we worked with Tangent Engineering to push the development forward, building on the lessons learned from the Alpha prototypes and industry feedback. Here are some of the specific features and upgrades.

  • Fully powered and fully automated; everybody loves this feature.
  • Lower reach. And if you have a high roof van you should see our extreme drop version!
  • Heavier cargo capacity: 150lb (per side)
  • Lower profile vehicle fit
  • All-weather capable
  • And more…

The market feedback on the upgraded design has been overwhelmingly positive. So positive, in fact, it motivated us to register for the Work Truck Show in March, put on by the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA). We will be in booth 5640; stop by and see the future of cargo management.

And when you are ready to upgrade your fleet’s roof-top cargo management to a system that improves ergonomics and efficiency, reduces the risk of injury, and improves employee satisfaction, drop us a line. We will begin taking pre-orders for production versions in the coming months. Anticipated delivery: this summer.

In the meantime, stay tuned to this blog to see photos and video of the Beta units in the next couple of weeks. We may even be able to arrange a personal demo of the Beta unit.

The journey has been long, but the future is in sight. It has been worth the wait.