I’m excited to share some major updates that are both business related and personal. On the business front, we expect the rest of our small fleet of low-volume production units to be ready to ship this week for field testing. By the end of next week some of those units will be up-and-running on customer vehicles.

And on a personal note; my wife had a heart transplant! How exciting is that?

My wife, Denise, was born with a faulty heart, though for most of her life it didn’t hold her back. However, her health started deteriorating about a decade ago and the degeneration accelerated over the past (roughly) five years.

But as of May 23, 2018 she no longer has a heart disease! She now has a perfectly healthy heart. This is a major development for our family, and has already seriously impacted my ability to stay focused and energized at the office. I never fully realized the extent to which her health issues were weighing on me and slowing me down until she was through the worst of it. I’m a new man!

Fortunately, the business was able to make significant strides even while I was in a rather distracted state in my personal life. This is a testimony to the excellence of the team we have built. This team has delivered results, and continues to deliver.

And speaking of delivery, this is the week that we are scheduled to receive the remaining 11 field test units from August Electronics with whom we have partnered to contract manufacture the RazerLift. The first of these unit was mounted on a van for Hank’s Plumbing earlier this spring (as I blogged previously) and the next unit will be installed by Western Truck Body for Gateway Mechanical in Edmonton. Most of the remaining 10 units are earmarked for specific customers and applications (including testing at Tangent) so we expect this summer to provide us with all the field testing we need to prove the design.

We have had so many delays and set backs over the years that it is exciting to reach a point where any delays at this stage of the game will be measured in days, not months. Even if the units are not ready until next week, this is still going to be a pivotal summer in the history of the RazerLift.

Stay tuned!


  • Hi Paul, Its Larry With ICOM Mechanical in Edmonton, We are beta testing your units on two transit vans. The installer had issues installing but I think we are almost ready to use.I noticed that the small vertical ladder supports do not secure the ladders in place from forward movement as in an emergency stop situation. Have you addressed this issue or had comments on this?. Also since we installed these on MID roof transit vans the arms do not come down low enough to me, are there different length arms for different height of vans? Thanks Hope to provide some constructive feedback in the near future. My cell number is 780-803-6890

    • Larry, thanks for touching base. And I’m glad we could connect by phone.

      The ladder accessory we provided, when installed properly, provide stops in all directions. When I visited your tech I noticed that some of the components were incorrectly located. We will have to make a note of that in our installation manuals.

      We will certainly be adding a long list of accessories to our catalog with time, and one of the accessories will be an “extra long” reach attachment. Thanks for confirming that this is something we need to keep near the forefront of our development plan.

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