So I’m a little behind the times in reporting this, but we were fortunate enough to have an editorial about the RazerLift published in the September edition of Modern Work Truck Solutions magazine. The article described the RazerLift as “revolutionary”. Here are a few quotes:

“Eventually evolutionary improvements reach a point of diminishing return, and a truly novel solution is required to fit the new commercial vehicle landscape. When you reach the limits of evolution, it is time for a revolution.”

“As a safety device, the RazerLift represents a revolutionary step forward, especially for shorter workers.”

“For multiple reasons, the flexibility of the RazerLift opens up cargo management possibilities that were previously out of reach.”

“From day one RazerLift knew its product needed to withstand the rigors of year-round outdoor operation in extreme climates.”

All-in-all, another excellent piece of publicity for the RazerLift.