It’s official, we are assembling our first production units of the RazerLift. And I’ve got photos to prove it!

Here’s a photo of the entire assembly area. Obviously the organization hasn’t been completely sorted out, but we are in process.

Here’s a close up of the electronics table.

Lastly, some of the motor enclosures are already coming together.

You may recognize the building from our promotional video. This is the same space August Electronics let us use to film the video footage.

I find it strange, sometimes, to think that this all started with me tinkering in my garage and trying to figure out how to use the welder I just bought. Somehow, over the last ten years, this has gone from scribbles on a piece of paper to stocked inventory of parts in an assembly plant.

I’m really looking forward to the NAFA show in a couple of weeks, where we can find homes for even more of these units! Stay tuned…