I haven’t blogged in a while, and that’s virtually always a guarantee that there’s so much going on that it’s hard to find time to share everything. Here’s a really brief summary of recent developments.

The first production units are packaged and ready to ship. Here’s a picture of part of our inventory.

Stocked RazerLift Inventory
Stocked RazerLift Inventory

We even have a distribution center set up in the US, making it remarkably easy to send a unit anywhere in North America within a couple of days.

Even more exciting, our first units have actually shipped! But not just shipped, and sitting on a shelf somewhere, they have been installed on a field test unit. The video below shows the unit on a service body truck. That unit is currently making life easier for someone at Eversource Energy, as part of their field testing program.

The Newest way to get your ladder from the top of your high top Van. Razer Lift and Boston Truck and Van. Unbelievable!!!!! Must see.

Posted by Jeffrey Maron on Saturday, July 20, 2019

We have another, similar, application that will be installed in New York in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned…

To add even more sweetness to the progress, all of our sales so far have been exports! Many companies get built up in their own backyard first, then transition into exports, but we seem to be following a reverse trajectory. Our first batch was shipped to Boston, and the second batch shipped to New York. We have some pending deals in Texas and California too (among other American states).

Not to say there aren’t some amazing developments in the works here at home. It’s too early to report on some of them, but stay tuned; more info to follow.

One local development I can report on is an ergonomic study being conducted by the University of Alberta. Participants in the study will be able to test use the RazerLift – as well as a traditional, manually activated, drop-down ladder rack – so the researchers can examine the ergonomic differences between the two. They are looking at things like Compressive Back Force and shoulder loads. If you would be interested in participating in this study, and you live in (or near) Calgary, check out this link.

Keep an eye on Modern Work Truck Solutions magazine; they have an article coming out in their August edition about our recent developments. It’s a followup to what they wrote about us last September. The article includes some very positive interviews with folks in the field, as well as the researchers who are studying the ergonomics of the RazerLift (as previously mentioned).

We are also going to be featured through Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters. Keep an eye on that website.

Lots going on. Keep an eye on our blog, website, social media, and also our newsletter. I revived the newsletter because it’s a great way to keep connected with everyone who’s been following this story. Here’s the most recent published newsletter, and here’s where you can sign up. Don’t worry, we won’t clog your inbox.

That’s enough of an update for now, back to work…

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