We now have a couple of companies in the Northeastern United States “kicking the tires” on the RazerLift as a general solution for their fleets. Here’s a video of one of them.

Jeff Maron at Boston Truck and Van has been enthusiastically working with our sales team to raise awareness of the RazerLift in his region, and their joint efforts are paying off. Eversource Energy was primarily interested in the RazerLift for the injury reduction potential associated with push-button access to their cargo. In this case their cargo consisted of two ladders, as the video shows.

Boston Truck and Van also has a RazerLift on their company vehicle; I’ll share video of that in the near future.

What about the second field tester I alluded to? We’re not at a point of sharing details about them just yet, but they are also in the Northeastern USA, and they would have remarkably similar fleet needs to Eversource Energy.

And we have some other developments in other parts of North America as well, for future blog posts.

Stay tuned…