Modern Work Truck Solutions – September 2018

2018-11-02By Paul.BullerPublicity

So I’m a little behind the times in reporting this, but we were fortunate enough to have an editorial about the RazerLift published in the September edition of Modern Work Truck Solutions magazine. The article described the RazerLift as “revolutionary”. Here are a few quotes:

New Promo Video

2018-11-01By Paul.BullerPublicity

First we got our own Ford Transit, and had one of the Beta RazerLift’s installed on it. Then we got it all set up with decals. Then we used that to create a brand new promotional video that wasn’t just me and my smartphone. We hired a professional videographer and voice actor. Personally, I’m thrilled … Read More

First production RazerLift

2018-07-02By Paul.BullerProduction

On Friday we reached another major milestone in our development; we shipped our first production unit from August Electronics. The photo below shows it loaded in the back of my vehicle.

Beta unit progress

2018-03-19By Paul.BullerUncategorized

I posted a video of the first Beta unit a couple of weeks back. It was rough, but it showed the basic functionality. Well, we have come a long way in just a couple of short weeks as the following video shows.