More RazerLift videos

2018-12-18By Paul.BullerCase Studies

We’ve been enjoying showcasing the wide range of applications for the RazerLift – and the ergonomic superiority – by creating a series of videos. This is not just a “ladder rack”. Here are a few of those videos, in case you haven’t already seen them.

RazerLift with TWO canoes!

2018-11-30By Paul.BullerAnalysis & Testing, Case Studies

You may have seen the previous video link from one of our Beta testers in which he shows how he secured a canoe to his RazerLift. He continues to customize his unit, and has now successfully mounted TWO canoes to his RazerLift. Here’s a video of his unit in action:

Publicity and more market feedback

2016-03-30By Paul.BullerCase Studies, Publicity

So here’s an exciting development; we got in the news! Calgary Herald (and ran an article on the RazerLift. It was in the Herald in the Friday, March 25 edition on page DR2. Or, you can read it at the website at the link below.

Proactive market feedback

2016-03-04By Paul.BullerCase Studies, Prototype, Publicity

Most of the people I talk to about the RazerLift have one of two reactions. Many people can intuitively see the benefits, and acknowledge that the RazerLift would make life a lot better, but “it’s not for me.” The other group tends to immediately see the personal benefits and they want to get in line. … Read More